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save your time
make your work efficient
accent your individuality

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save your time
accent your individuality
make your work efficient

No need to enter a user name and a password. All it takes to unlock a session is to look at a camera of your PC. TEASIER unlocks your session instantly, when you appear in front of the camera. Stop spending your time on useless memorizing and typing, use your unique appearance to gain secure and rapid access.


How does it work?

step 1

Install the program on your PC

step 2

restart your computer

step 3

Create user account

Press download button arranged below. Confirm the download.

Start an installer wizard and follow the instructions.

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After the app is installed, create your personal unique account. In this regard, demonstrate your appearance in ten different perspectives to the camera, as a result TEASIER creates your unique face model (key point map).


Enjoy new experience! Avail your appearance as a new essential authentication factor and ensure your profile safety by means of continuous using of TEASIER.

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